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The podcast for aspiring sales representatives and current leaders interested in recruitment and business growth strategies, industry news, hiring trends and interviews and career tips.

The Life Sciences Professional podcast hosts candid conversations and helpful discussions from industry CEOs, Founders, and Leaders and talks about all things medical devices, dental, biotech, Medtech, all things Life Sciences.

Why Companies Should Hire Aspiring Clinical Dental Hygienists

Our guest today, award-winning Dental Hygiene Professor Jennifer Turner, is a renowned speaker, coach, and influential professional in the dental hygiene industry. Jennifer has been recognized as one of the most influential healthcare leaders to watch in 2022. She has worked with hundreds of dental practices across Canada supporting teams in change management, implementing clinical systems to elevate patient care, and more. In this episode, she shares her knowledge, expertise, and advice on planning your career and transitioning from one field to another within the industry.

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Why Marketing and Challengers Sales Are One and The Same

In this episode, Ileana Ibbett brings her insights, experience, and wealth of knowledge in the field of marketing. As a senior marketing and sales professional, she shares her experience of working in the marketing industry, how she has used the Challenger Sales Model, and her thoughts on why it’s so important to marry the two together. She gives advice on deciding if marketing is the career path for you, shares some resources that helped her succeed as a marketer, misconceptions around marketing, and advice for people around managing their careers. You wouldn’t want to miss this.

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Pearls of Wisdom with Riley Nick

The dental industry is a complex place to work. Just like any other industry, there are certain characteristics and skills that can help dental sales representatives thrive. With over 20 years in the dental industry, North American Sales Manager Riley Nick shares the lessons he has learned over the span of his career and important pearls of wisdom on what it takes to be a successful and effective sales representative in the dental field today.

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