Why Companies Should Hire Aspiring Clinical Dental Hygienists

Our guest today, award-winning Dental Hygiene Professor Jennifer Turner, is a renowned speaker, coach, and influential professional in the dental hygiene industry. Jennifer has been recognized as one of the most influential healthcare leaders to watch in 2022. She has worked with hundreds of dental practices across Canada supporting teams in change management, implementing clinical systems to elevate patient care, and more. In this episode, she shares her knowledge, expertise, and advice on planning your career and transitioning from one field to another within the industry.

In this episode:

  • Jennifer gives us a short personal and professional introduction on herself.
  • Impactful resources Jennifer used to have a successful career in the dental industry.
  • Advice for people who would like to transition from doing the clinical work to branching out in different careers in the industry.
  • The importance of having a plan for your career.
  • Her thoughts on group dentistry as the future of the dental industry.
  • Jennifer shares the state of staff retention and hiring in their company today.
  • She shares what’s next for her and some words of wisdom from the listeners.

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