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For an enterprise to thrive, merely having great products or services is not enough. Given this, intuitive entrepreneurs also focus on finding and hiring the best-fit individuals to fill various positions in their organizations. However, talent acquisition is an intricate process and art which takes skills and talent. Cognizant of this is recruiting industry authority, Linda Robertson, who has dedicated her passion and profession to helping businesses grow.

This distinguished leader is also the founder and president of Robertson Human Asset, a firm that specializes in assisting medical device and dental companies or organizations select competent and qualified team members. Since its inception in 2000, the remarkable enterprise has helped countless clients elevate and grow. 

A notable element that allowed the brand to achieve this impressive feat is Linda’s extensive knowledge in the field. “The biggest challenge facing organizations in the MedTech industry today is finding talent with the skills, experience and attitudes to grow their businesses. It keeps founders, CEOs, VPs and sales leaders awake at night,” she insightfully explained. 

The founder further identified several gaps that are prevalent in the hiring process. For example, she noted that hiring managers are often too busy or uninvolved in the actual recruiting process and instead delegate this crucial task to less experienced members. In addition, the hiring process can either take too long, consist of too many interviews, or have irrelevant questions. 

All of these challenges are effectively addressed by a reputable partner such as Robertson Human Asset. Because of this, Linda has designed a well-thought-out program through Robertson Human Asset that eventually became the gold standard for recruitment and placement services.

On top of that, what enabled the outstanding leader to scale her success is her exceptional work ethic rooted in building solid connections. In keeping with her commitment to creating lasting working relationships, the expert devotes significant effort and time towards getting to know each client. Specifically, she intends to understand their individual cultures and unique business needs to understand their recruitment needs and develop personalized strategies.

The founder explained her one-of-a-kind philosophy: “This builds a strong foundation for sourcing and recruiting candidates that are the right fit for our clients, especially in talent-scarce markets. Ensuring that our clients have great internal hiring, onboarding and coaching systems and processes in place helps to retain the talent they have recruited and for future succession.”

As a testament to Linda’s incredible prowess, one of her firm’s long-standing clients has proudly shared, “I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Linda for many years. She is a proven leader in her field of Recruitment and Human Resources Consulting. Linda is insightful, well connected, credentialed, and working with her ensures your project is always well-researched and the best fit between the employer and employee.”

Aside from her exemplary contributions to elevating the recruitment industry, the inspiring entrepreneur is also an esteemed business coach who guides businesses and individuals in navigating and adapting to the rapidly changing business space.

Ultimately, Linda Robertson has established her character as a respected expert in the field of recruitment and placement as well as business coaching. As she moves forward, the stellar woman remains steadfast in her vision of helping businesses thrive.

Georgina Steward

Posted by Georgina Steward

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