How To Hire Top Salespeople

Are you frustrated by turnover, a lack of qualified talent, low performance and missed sales targets?

Here are some tips on “How To Hire Top Salespeople.”

3 Pieces of Advice For Someone Starting A Career In Sales

First, I want to say welcome to what I believe is one of the best careers in the world. You have just joined a network of individuals that range from Dale Carnegie, a famous public speaker and sales trainer, Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay cosmetics, Zig Ziglar, world-renowned sales speaker and trainer, …

10 Things Great Sales Professionals Always Do

What separates great from average, and what do you need to do if you want to step up your sales performance? Great salespeople set goals. But unlike average salespeople who also set goals, great salespeople are continually measuring their performance and looking for new ways to achieve their goals. Great salespeople don’t settle for average. …

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