Newcomer's Triumph: A Guide to Landing Your Dream Medical Devices Job

Joao Wohnrath shares his journey from Brazil to Canada to fulfill his dream and continue working in the dental sales industry he is so passionate about.

Joao, or Jo as he prefers to be called, has an impressive academic background, earning his MBA and Master’s in Marketing from his home country. Throughout his professional life, he has devoted himself to the dental industry, gaining valuable experience while working for some of the most recognized industry-leading companies.

Jo made the courageous decision to leave Brazil and emigrate to Canada to seek new opportunities and challenges. For the past seven years, he has been building a life in Canada, navigating the complexities of being a newcomer in a foreign land while pursuing his passion for the life sciences industry.

Join Linda and listen to her conversation with the new Director of Sales-Western Canada for BioHorizons.

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