Why Linda Robertson Is A Must-Watch Business Authority In The Medical Device Industry


Linda Robertson – President & CEO of Robertson Human Asset


One’s path is not always carved from the get-go. More often than not, they are shaped after a significant amount of trials and errors along the way, which most established authorities can attest to. As someone whose beginnings do not precisely reflect her current successes, Linda Robertson shares her story with the world in order to inspire others to work hard and never give up.

Linda Robertson is a renowned entrepreneur, marketer, business leader, coach, and expert authority in the realms of talent acquisition. She is widely recognized for the successes she has achieved for her clients throughout the years, speaking volumes of her prowess. While it may seem that the industry that this power player is in has been her path from the get-go, Linda holds under her arsenal a surprising twist that is sure to inspire those who remain lost in their way.

Before Linda Robertson became an authority in her respective field, she was a registered nurse. This path became a stepping stone for her love for the medical industry, but she knew she was not meant to be a nurse. Although she was a rising authority in her profession, Linda grew more passionate about sales, believing that she could impact more lives and help improve the quality of the practice of nursing. For this reason, she delved deep into the business side of the medical field.

Ever since dipping her toes into the world of sales and business in the medical field, Linda Robertson has been exploring the industry, leading her to notice its gaps, most especially in talent acquisition. Because of this, she has created ways, systems, and processes that are designed to address these issues in order to improve the industry. For this reason, she has been leading the trade, developing the unique ability to attract and retain high-performing individuals.

Over the years, Linda Robertson has proven herself worthy of her stellar reputation. As a matter of fact, her executive search firm called Robertson Human Asset is currently making waves for discovering top-performing and challenging-to-find sales professionals, including medical and dental sales representatives, regional directors, directors of marketing, CEOs and more. Through her brilliance and expertise, medical companies across Canada and the USA that partner with Linda’s firm are in good hands.

“After decades of extensive experience in the medical device industry, we have developed a results-oriented methodology to discover, screen, and prepare qualified candidates with a 90% retention rate after 36 months,” shared Robertson. 

Aside from being the president and founder of Robertson Human Asset, Linda Robertson is also a career coach who has carved success-enabling paths for hundreds of go-getters across the medical device field. These days, finding a career can be difficult, but Robertson has mastered both the science and art of the trade, making her an authority in her niche. As a result, she has become one of today’s must-watch forces, contributing much to the successes of individuals in the medical industry.

Over the last 21 years, Linda Robertson has demonstrated incredible prowess in her chosen trade. As she continues to make significant strides, this power player not only aims to continue expanding her reach but also seeks to serve as an instrument and inspiration to those who strive for excellence in their respective fields.

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