What Is The Role A Leader Plays in Creating Culture Within Their Organization with Marcello Napol

Marcello Napol – Senior Vice President and General Manager of Healthcare in North America for Ecolab Inc., has worked for over 20 years in an industry whose ultimate goal is to improve people’s lives. He has led some of the best businesses, products and teams within the acute, alternate, dental, drug delivery and infection prevention markets. 

In this episode, my discussion with Marcello will cover the tremendous changes in our healthcare system during his career and what role a leader should play in creating a sound business culture within their organization.

☑️ Marcello’s professional background.

☑️ Building a great team during a talent shortage.

☑️ “People are looking for opportunities to work somewhere that aligns with their personal beliefs and enables a better lifestyle.”

☑️ “Togetherness breeds culture, so how do you co-locate people differently than we have in the past?”

☑️ Defining “fit” and the many aspects of diversity.

☑️ Hiring, onboarding, training and mentoring.

☑️ “There is no back office – everyone works for the customer.”

☑️ Career advice for aspiring leaders in the life science industry.

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