Top 3 Barriers and Roadblocks to Lead Generation for Entrepreneurs and Small Business

Daily, I have conversations with business owners who are struggling with their lead generation looking for help. The most common Barriers or roadblocks I hear from them that prevent them from getting consistent leads is:

1. Lack of time and resources- Running the day-to-day business leaves little time to focus on marketing and lead generation activities.

2. Limited budget- Marketing, lead generation, and email management software all require some investment. It can be difficult for the novice social media and marketer to really know what tools and resources are essential and effective in helping with lead generation. Business owners who invest in the right tools and experts to help them with effective lead generation acquire new clients, ultimately lead to growing their business.

3. Learning Curve- Deciphering the lingo alone can be overwhelming. If you haven’t kept up with the changing times, then the lack of know-how can be a tough barrier to overcome. “Who Not How can make you more money” Dan Sulivan. When you begin enlisting who’s to support your growth goals, you will no longer be distracted and focused on nonproductive activities. 

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