Tips From A Corporate Recruiter To Help You Stand Out In The Interview Process with Patrick Isada

In today’s episode, Patrick Isada, Associate Director of Human Resources at Baxter Corporation, joins Linda. His perspective on what recruiters are looking for in candidates will truly interest you. He also shares with us the perspective of human resources professionals when they interview candidates and gives us some tips for more effective interviews.

In this episode:
👉🏻 Patrick shares a brief introduction of his personal and professional background.
👉🏻 How to stand out and get responses from recruiters.
👉🏻 The right time to follow up or send a thank you correspondence after an interview.
👉🏻 Things you need to be aware of when presenting yourself during an interview.
👉🏻 The do’s and don’ts on resumes.
👉🏻 How to answer the most common question in an interview – “Tell me about yourself.”
👉🏻 The conversation on salary expectations from the viewpoint of a recruiter.
👉🏻 Advice for individuals who want to get into the industry.

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