Seven Secrets To Hiring Success

Last night my husband and I were going for our walk at the end of the day to discuss the day’s events.

I find it a great way to unload things rolling around in my head or that I need to get off my chest.

It helps me focus, be more creative and most importantly, be present with my family!

Back to our conversation…

We discussed our experiences and observations over the past couple of years working with companies that hire successfully? As a result of that conversation, we noticed seven (7) secrets to their success.

Seven Secrets To Hiring Success:

1. They had a clear and concise job description/expectations identified for a successful hire.

2. Salary and overall compensation were fair and relative to attract and retain the quality of candidate they were looking to hire.

3. They had a pre-established interview process, and internal team members identified and committed to participating.

4. They were invested both time and money into the hiring process.

5. They were open and responsive to recommendations needed to recruit, attract and retain the talent that they wanted to hire.

6. They were respectful of the candidate’s time, interest in their organization and provided timely and responsive candidate feedback.

7. They hired within a timely manner, like any business transaction, they understand what happens if you don’t …” time kills all deal “!

It is so rewarding to work with companies that do these steps consistently and hire great people to join their organization that help them grow.

What are some of the secrets to your hiring success?

Hiring isn’t always easy. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Reach out anytime to learn more about how we help our clients hire.

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