Missing Out On Top Talent? 4 Reasons You Need To Speed-Up Your Hiring Process

There’s an old adage in recruitment, “hire slow, fire fast”. Many of these old golden nuggets of advice are invaluable but I’m afraid this isn’t one of them. When hiring, time-to-hire is crucial. If you’re managing to find the top talent you want but are finding them dropping off during the recruitment process, then you’re hiring process is almost certainly far too long, and that could be seriously harming your business. Here are four reasons why you should reassess your hiring process and make it as speedy, effective and as efficient as it can be.

The best candidates aren’t on the market for long

When a top performing candidate comes onto the job market, they are almost certainly going to be inundated with recruiting requests and offers. This means that in all probability, they’re not going to be on the market for long. If your company’s recruitment process isn’t streamlined and drags on for weeks, your potential candidates will have a number of opportunities to accept an offer elsewhere. When faced with a speedy, attractive offer from one of your competitors, do you really think they’ll decline this in favour of a possible future offer from you?

Slower decision making isn’t better decision making

Many hiring managers assume that the longer the hiring process, the better the decision they will make, having more time to gather applicants, interview and research them. However, as mentioned above, the longer your recruitment process, the greater the risk that your chosen candidate(s) will accept an offer elsewhere. Working with a dedicated specialist recruiter can help to speed-up your hiring process and ensure that you get the best candidate for your business.

Slow recruitment processions make your business look indecisive

Just as much as the recruitment process is about you assessing your candidates, it’s also about them assessing you and your business. A positive candidate experience is crucial if you are going to attract the very best talent to your company. One of the most common issues raised by candidates about recruitment is that they see lengthy hiring processes as a negative. Do the best candidates want to work for companies that take ages to make decisions on things? Or would they like to work for a company that makes considered but quick and bold decisions? Undoubtedly it’s the latter.

The longer your hiring process, the more money you’re losing

You’re recruiting because you have identified that your business needs a particular skill set to make it function more effectively and efficiently. Therefore, the longer that your business is without that particular set of skills, the longer business isn’t functioning as it should. You may be having to deploy staff from other areas to provide cover or you may be having to pay for an interim consultant. Both of these are short-term solutions that cost your business money every day and can soon add up to significant sums. The quicker you can get a good quality member of staff in place, the more money your business will save.

Is your hiring process too long? Are you missing out on top talent?
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