Does My LinkedIn Profile Need To Be Completed? Does Chocolate Cake Need Icing?

One of the first things I look at when someone tells me they can’t seem to get great leads or connect with their ideal clients on LinkedIn. Your profile can either propel or attract your ideal clients.

Here are the 5 LinkedIn Steps to attract more of your ideal clients.

1. Complete Your Linkedin Profile. According to Linkedin, members with complete profiles are far more likely to receive business opportunities through the platform.
2. Have A Cover Banner that tells people what you do and clearly. It should reinforce your brand.
3. Your LinkedIn Headline is one of the most important & visible sections of your profile, and it is vital to make a positive impression. It also one of the most critical components that driving the LinkedIn algorithm. You should have strategic key works to appear higher in LinkedIn searches.
4. Be Consistent with your engagement and post regularly to show your audience that you provide value as an expert and go-to person in your niche.
5. Don’t Connect with just anyone. Connecting to everyone is not a strategy and will not help you look like an authority in your network.

If you want specific help to create a winning LinkedIn profile, message me, and let’s chat. #linkedin

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