How To Fix Your Outdated Hiring Process

The past year is the first time in history, where everyone had to find a new way to engage current employees and new hires. Business went virtual with little to no warning without the infrastructures to support internal employee training, HR policies and procedure training and engagement, from recruitment to onboarding new hires. 

Companies that had already invested in online portals, training and technology quickly adapted to the changing needs of employee engagement, retention, turnover and hiring with minimal effect. 

Unfortunately, there were many organizations unprepared to engage in a virtual employee or online customer experience. It has presented some challenges with employee engagement, overall mental health, difficulty with hiring processes, and effective onboarding.

Here are some common hiring challenges facing organizations in 2021. 

  • Your current process is lengthy, complicated, and ineffective.
  • The hiring process is taking forever.
  • You struggle to stand out and attract, engage and recruit top talent.
  • You are wasting time and money on “mis-hires.”.
  • You have no hiring and retention data or records to base recruitment strategies on.
  • Your hiring staff is not aligned or collaborating.
  • Your internal HR department is resistant to internal and external partners collaboration causing long and difficult hiring efforts.
  • Your candidate experience needs to be improved.
  • There is a lack of cooperation amongst departments for a cohesive hiring and onboarding process.
  • You are working with outdated technology and hiring resources.
  • You want to eliminate bias and focus on diversity & inclusion but have no clue how.
  • You need to stand out among hiring competition and expand your candidate reach.
  • Your employer brand is lacking the desirability and “attract-ability” to potential candidates.
  • Overall, you want to create better candidate experiences.
  • You are uncertain what the most effective hiring practices need to be going beyond 2021.

Do any or all of these resonate with you? 

Here are some effective strategies to address most or all these concerns have included some of the following:

👉 Have gone virtual with their hiring processes and invested in systems and tools to allow candidates, external and internal recruiters and hiring managers to participate in their new virtual recruitment processes

👉 Improved their communication with their hiring managers to their needs and expectations better to ensure they are hiring with clear expectations of job requirements and onboarding of new hires expectations

👉 Engaged external partners to ensure faster and better sourcing of Top Talent to fill open positions in a timelier manner

👉 Engaged both internal and external partners to have an effective onboarding process to ensure a positive candidate experience

👉 Invested in upgrading HRIS/ATS system to improve data collection of hiring, retention, and succession planning strategies of employees

👉 Provide training to hiring managers on inclusions and diversity to remove any potential hiring or recruitment biases to improve talent pool opportunities within new markets

👉 Provided virtual recruitment and hiring training to all individuals involved in the new virtual hiring system/processes

👉 Better and more responsive communication with all internal & external stakeholders (candidates, hiring managers, external recruitment partners)

PS: Are your recruitment efforts bringing the Top Talent you need to grow your business?

If not, happy to discuss ways to improve your current processes.

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