How Hiring Fractional Executives Prepare Healthcare Companies For Success

Rob Fuller, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Sterasure and David Whiteside, Fractional Executive responsible for business development of BIHOCL (pronounced “bio sel”) PureCleanse Antimicrobial Solution, speak with Linda about leveraging experienced fractional executives to bring products to the Canadian healthcare marketplace.

Meet Rob, The Managing Director of Sterasure, a Canadian Medical device startup based in Kitchener/Waterloo, ON. Rob and his co-founder Bill launched Sterasure to improve patient outcomes through SSI prevention and technological innovations to tackle anti-microbial resistance across healthcare institutions globally. Rob has been involved in starting & building businesses in both healthcare and non-healthcare fields and recently exited another company he ran in the medical laser industry to focus his attention on tackling these urgent & pressing issues. Rob brings an eagerness and drive for solving complex problems, particularly in the medical device and biotechnology sector.  Sterasure has recently launched BIHOCL PureCleanse, a new innovative antimicrobial skin and wound solution.  To learn more, please go to

David Whiteside is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the medical device industry. As a sales and marketing leader, he deeply understands market access, key account management, and GPO operations. Throughout his career, David has worked with a range of companies, starting with large multinationals such as Johnson & Johnson, Medela, and Hollister, and now specializes in helping smaller Canadian health science companies grow their revenue in Canada, the U.S.A and Europe. With his expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, David has a proven track record of success in driving revenue and growth for his clients. His passion for the industry and his experience and leadership skills make him a valuable ‘fractional’ asset to any team.

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