Hiring Top Performers Is Hard Work, But It's Worth It!

 It is more difficult in today’s candidate-driven job market than ever to find top talent for your company. Top performers are looking for a job that not only gives them fair compensation but offers them growth, opportunity, and flexibility.

 It goes beyond posting a job ad and interviewing a bunch of candidates. These individuals are not applying to posted jobs and need to be sourced on social media platforms, networking groups and approached with an opportunity that appeals to them as something that may be more than their current role. These individuals are engaged and busy, with their current employer being a top performer.

 In today’s market, a candidate-driven job market is more complicated than ever, especially post COVID. As a result, individuals are more selective in what they are looking for in an employer and specific role.

 They are looking for a more flexible, understanding employer that is receptive to remote work or a hybrid workplace model. They also want to know what their career and development potential is.

If you don’t show candidates that you are invested in their individual career goals, they’re unlikely to want to help your company achieve its goals.

But putting in the work to find these top performers pays off. Since they can be up to 4x more productive than average employees, putting in the effort to find them can pay off for you, the manager and the organization you represent.

It is essential to start your recruitment process with a clear understanding of what you are looking for in a candidate’s skills, attributes and attitudes. In addition, what you are offering Top Performers and why they want to join your organization. Know what will attract and retain your ideal candidates.

Partner with a Recruiter who has the relationships and network in the industry you are looking to attract Top Talent that they like and trust. That understands them as individuals and what they are looking for in a job, manager and organizational fit.

These individuals often won’t respond to internal Recruiters if they don’t have the relationships unless you have a great corporate brand and value proposition for them to join your organization.

Hiring slow takes too long, these individuals may lose interest, or your competition may secure your best candidates before extending a job offer. Also, longer hiring processes might impact your candidate experience. Therefore, aim to speed up the administrative and recruitment process.

A company’s commitment to invest, ensuring it hires the absolute best available talent in the marketplace takes discipline and up-front investment of time, resources and money.

However, once you have established a commitment and strategy to hire the best, it becomes easier than you think to identify, hire and retain the Top Talent you need to grow your business.

Employees can make or break the success of your business, so recruiting Top Talent should always be a priority, even if you aren’t actively hiring.

What has been your experience hiring Top Performers or hiring in general?

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