Here Is What To Say When A Recruiter Calls

In our firm we often come across individuals who inaccurately represent themselves given that they have submitted their resume for a particular job posting we have, or have indicated they are open to opportunities on their LinkedIn profile. These candidates occasionally respond negatively during our initial follow up, or question why we are calling them. We even get some potential candidates that hang up the phone right away.

Here are a few tips for future job seekers to help provide an understanding of the value of networking, and what there is to gain from engaging in a positive, trusting relationship with a recruiter.

* It’s like your mother always told you, be nice to everyone; you don’t know who they might know and always treat people the way you would like to be treated. These two rules will always apply in professional settings.

* That person you were rude to may have influence on the hiring manager of that next great job you are trying to land. Many hiring managers have close relationships with recruiters that they will call to check out a particular candidate that they are thinking of hiring

* Since most recruiters are experts in their field, they get to know their industry and the individuals that work within it. They are a wealth of knowledge regarding market trends, future opportunities, corporate cultures and provide intimate knowledge of their clients strengths and weaknesses. Recruiters are a valuable resource to candidates and strive to create engagement so the hiring process is completed more effectively.

* Recruiters work with the candidates they can trust. If you aren’t interested in changing roles, don’t waste the recruiter’s time. It is important to say the same thing to the recruiter as you do the hiring manager. Inconsistencies result in slow hiring, ultimately preventing you from getting the job you want. No one wants to hire someone who doesn’t respect the hiring process or people’s time. Recruiters will only want to work with candidates that will make them successful with their clients, given that hiring is a costly investment of both time and money of all parties involved.

* A recruiter can be your mentor, best friend, teacher and confidante. You may have to meet with a couple different groups before you find one that you feel a connection with. Once you develop that professional relationship, the opportunities and knowledge you will gain can be invaluable.

* A great recruiter will work to ensure you find a role that is a great fit for you both professionally and personally while helping you continue to progress along your career path. We always maintain the philosophy that we need to ensure we work every mandate on the fit not the fee which enables us to achieve a successful fit for the company and the candidate.

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