3 Hiring Needs to Increase Sales & Profits for Small Businesses in 2021

Small businesses are showing better sales and more profits going into 2021 and looking to hire new employees with the talent and skills to support a wide variety of business needs.

  • Information Technology-35%
  • Marketing & Sales-31%
  • Customer Service-29%

Their hiring plans depend on their growth projections which many anticipate being very positive in 2021.

63% of small businesses anticipate revenue growth, saying they are likely to hire new employees.

31% of small businesses plan to hire a recruitment agency to help them hire the talent they need to engage in 2021!

Most small businesses hire less than 20 employees and don’t have an internal H.R. department or resources; therefore are looking for agencies that can help them recruit, hire and onboard “Top Talent.”

A record share of U.S. small-business owners reported unfilled positions in March, and firms are starting to boost wages to attract talent, noted by the NFIB 04/21.

 If this sounds like your company and you know you need the right talent to help you grow but don’t have the time, haven’t been able to find the right people or have been frustrated with your results so far, it may be time to try something else. 

I know as a business owner how difficult it is to try and do everything myself to grow my business, especially if it’s not my area of expertise or skill set, when:

  • I can’t find the time
  • I dread doing it
  • I’m not getting the results I want
  • I know there is a better use of my time

I have learned to delegate, hire or outsource to experts to focus on my areas of expertise and revenue-generating tasks that move my business forward. That change in itself has made a massive difference in how much I enjoy what I am doing and my business success.

 If you would like to learn more about systems and processes I have implemented to be more effective or what we use to help our clients hire top talent to grow their businesses, send me a D.M. or book a call.

Here’s to making the most in your business!


P.S. Stay Tuned for our 90 days of content I’m going to be posting to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders scale their businesses, hire up and optimize LinkedIn to grow their businesses.

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