10 Things Great Sales Professionals Always Do

What separates great from average, and what do you need to do if you want to step up your sales performance?

  1. Great salespeople set goals. But unlike average salespeople who also set goals, great salespeople are continually measuring their performance and looking for new ways to achieve their goals.
  2. Great salespeople don’t settle for average. They are continually looking to not just make a number, but also to blow past the number. At the end of the year, they don’t shut down because a number is in the bank. They keep going.
  3. Great salespeople understand what service is all about. They know that is doesn’t matters how they measure service, but how their customers measure it.
  4. Great salespeople value time and never end a day without knowing what they’re going to accomplish the next day. It’s the same way they approach each week, month, quarter and year.
  5. Great salespeople are optimists in everything they do. They’re the people others gravitate toward in all types of situations, and as a result, they understand the importance of leadership.
  6. Great salespeople know they have to be continually evolving their sales process. They understand what worked for them last year may not work this year, and as a result, they are continually looking to refine their process.
  7. Great salespeople own the process. They don’t pass blame and they don’t allow excuses to come up as to why they weren’t able to accomplish something. The last thing a great salesperson will do is blame somebody else to make themselves look good. To them, sales is truly a team effort.
  8. Great salespeople don’t stop at the end of the day. Great salespeople understand how success is being available 24/7. To them 24/7 is not a burden because they truly love what they do and they love even more the ability to help their customers.
  9. Great salespeople are proud of what they do. They love sales not in an arrogant manner, but in a respectful manner. It’s the same way they approach every person with whom they come in contact. The pride and love they have is seen in the level of confidence they have, regardless of the type of situation.
  10. Finally, great salespeople know success is not what they did yesterday, but success is what they will do today. They live in the now but are always mindful about tomorrow.

We all know there is a difference between average and greatness. What is important about this list is each item is not something a person is born with, but rather skills and traits that anyone can learn.

I have always noticed when I train sales teams that there are very minor differences between an average salesperson and a top performer. It is the commitment that top performers make to maintain these behaviours and habits that make them great!
Do you want to be average or great? The choice is yours!

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