We specialize in, but are not limited to, B2B Sales and Management roles in the following industries: Medical Device, Dental and Information Technology.

Permanent Placement

We pride ourselves in finding the best talent to meet your organization’s needs. Our team at Robertson consistently delivers the results you expect using our “best-in-class” recruiting methodology, proprietary database of top performing individuals and understanding your business.

 Contract Staffing

If you need temporary assistance, Robertson can provide skilled contract sales, management and technical staff for specific projects or a fixed duration.

Search Process

All searches are done utilizing a unique selection model.  Each search focuses on three key areas: 

  • skill sets
  • character traits
  • fit
Components of a Selection System

During this process we interview the client and discuss the required criteria with all the decision makers.  This process allows us to understand the individual search requirements with consideration to the position, the location, the required skill set and the fit to the organization, job and team.

The same search process is applied to the candidates to determine their career objectives as they relate to job skill, character traits and fit.

  • Our consultant interviews the client to clearly understand the specific search requirements. A strategic plan is established for each client’s job profile and utilizing our search process.
  • Our team determines the ideal candidates and the relevant sourcing strategy.
  • Candidates are requested to forward their resumes and participate in a phone interview with one of our consultants once they have been identified through the search process. It is then determined if the candidate will be forwarded for a video interview with a senior consultant.  It is our policy that no resume or candidate is discussed with a client without the consent of the candidate. 
  • Qualified candidates are identified and forwarded to the client for review. The consultant discusses the candidate profile and answers any questions and/or gathers any additional information the client may deem important.
  • The consultant schedules all rounds of interviews between the client and the candidates.
  • Interview feedback about all candidates is discussed with the client to provide candidate feedback and next steps in the process on completion of each round of interviews.
  • All candidates are contacted and provided client interview feedback and next steps on completion of each round of interviews.
  • The next steps are discussed with the client once a final candidate has been selected. Detailed reference checks and psychometric profiling (character traits and job fit) are additional services that can be provided upon request.
  • The consultant presents the employment offer to the selected candidate and manages the process to provide a fully executed contract to the client.
  • Regular contact is kept with the hiring manager and the new employee to ensure a successful working partnership.
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