Get new clients with a “done-for-you” lead generation system.

Directory listing

We create a targeted LinkedIn search of your 2nd connections that match your ideal customer profile.

A series of brief and creative invitation, welcome and follow-up messages are developed.

LinkedIn logo

The messages are scheduled and automatically sent to the list of contacts in the search list throughout the day 12×7.

Potential customers accept your connection invitation. An email/text alert is sent to you in addition to the built-in notification from LinkedIn. More LinkedIn messaging can be continued or an email campaign from your Gmail account can be initiated.

The first name, last name, job title, geographic location, company name, email address, and phone number of the new connection are stored in a spreadsheet. This can be used standalone or imported into your CRM.

Follow up on a lead

You qualify, prioritize and distribute the leads so you can determine who to phone first.

To increase engagement, a SMS and/or ringless voicemail can also be automatically sent. This ensures your sales lead has read your LinkedIn messages/emails and will ultimately choose to schedule a phone call with you.

We advise you on how to implement more office automation like “online appointment scheduling” to keep you productive and focused on revenue generating activities.

Using a discovery phone/video call you discuss their pain points and recommend solutions. You eventually close the deal because it becomes obvious to the new customer that your products and services solve their biggest challenges.